Touch, sound & music are ancient healing tools.  
Throughout the ages and cultures, intentional sound has been integral to ceremony,
ritual and healing. The rhythm of your mother's heartbeat defined your earliest days,
& her voice was the first you heard.

Sound evokes powerful emotions which energize us, & help access and express
feelings. Creation stories often tap the importance of song & sound. In his Narnia
series, C. S. Lewis includes a lovely Hebrew tale of God creating the stars, which then
Sing the rest of the Universe into existence.

In the 40s, Hans Custo took calculations made by Kepler, based on the elliptical
orbits of the sun, earth & planets, & multiplied the frequencies by 2 until he reached
audible ranges of these planetary songs. The Hz from these calculations are used in
Acutonics system. These tuning forks are used on acupuncture points and
meridians to facilitate healing.

Like recalibrating a precision tool, the rich resonance and vibration of the forks
connect with and support the body’s natural frequencies. This brings us into
alignment with the cycles of the Cosmos known since antiquity as the
'Music of the

Tuning forks can easily be incorporated into your session. When I find muscles
resistant to massage, I often find using the 'Ohm' forks directly on that area will
hasten relaxation.  

Feedback commonly includes
a feeling of well-being that persists for several days
after the treatment.
One client found her breath came more easily & after her first
session, & scheduled a tune-up the day before surgery.  She later reported that she
felt calmer, & recovered more rapidly than expected. Other clients notice a decrease
in chronic joint pain, more freedom of movement, an increase in energy, and/or
reduction of headaches.

Sound therapist
Eileen McKusick is pioneering work with the emotional body, finding
that states of mind
"such as sorrow, anger, guilt, worry, and so on—seem to reside
in the same places in each person."
Her recently published book, 'Tuning the Human
Biofield' integrates her method of bringing tuning forks in through the biofield
surrounding the body to release these imbalances, facilitating healing.
Eileen writes:
"Sound balancing is a therapeutic method that makes use of the
frequencies produced by tuning forks to detect and correct distortions and
imbalances within the biomagnetic energy field, or biofield, that surrounds the
human body."
(p1) & quotes Lynn McTaggart (The Living Matrix): "Informational
medicine that changes disturbed information available in the biofield is going to be
the future of medicine."

McKusick "examines scientific research on the nature of sound and energy and
explains how experiences of trauma produce "pathological oscillations" in the
biofield, causing a breakdown of order, structure, and function in the body"

I utilize forks from my Intention Tuner and Acutonics sets, & a Lemurian Quartz
Crystal in Biotuning sessions. '
Quartz crystals both amplify and pulse whatever
current is run through them, so the crystal translates the sound current into
amplified pulses.'
(p 67) Over the years, Eileen has 'found it useful for people to
receive a minimum of three sessions, one a week, to start.'
(p 185)

You may prepay the series of three sessions, & receive a complimentary flower
essence bouquet to support your process.

A '
Tune Up' is tailored to meet your needs, combining several modalities.
These include
Lightweaving, Biofield and Chakra tuning, Adrenal reset, Reflexology,
Flower essences, Etheric & Reiki healing.

I draw from several sets, including
Acutonics Professional Tuners, Edna Doane's
Dolphin inspired
Intention Tuners, the 'Moses Code' set (developed by Healing
Sounds® pioneer Jonathan Goldman), &
Biosonics angel tuners. Clients may find
they respond to one set more deeply, & your feedback is always welcome!

Interested in your own set of Tuning Forks? Check my links page for places to
order! I am happy to offer suggestions for use, & Tuning fork basics.

See my
blog King's Touch Reiki for articles on Reiki & Tuning forks.

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"sound will be the
medicine of the
Edgar Casey
That future is now!
Updated September 2014