The Gift of Healing Touch
Reiki Classes
Several years ago, a friend & I attended a Reiki Circle at Breitenbush Hot Springs, & another
LMT quired:
"Might Reiki be helpful in my practice?" In a word: YES!  I affirmed that
integrating Reiki into my work over the last 20+ years has been a tremendous blessing! If I
feel a bit tired at the beginning of a Massage or Reiki session, I am 'recharged' by the time
we've finished, as the energy feed ME first!

After I encouraged the massage therapist to study Reiki, another MT and Reiki Master in the
circle, also in practice over 30 years, said
'I cosign!' agreeing that in addition to the benefits
our clients experience, we as therapists are less likely to sustain stress injuries, heal
quicker, AND have more energy for sessions!! Pretty magical!

I began my journey with Reiki twenty five years ago, in Nov. 1989, six years after
opening,my massage practice. I began teaching several years later, & love 'opening the
Reiki Door' for new students.

Reiki, pronounced
'ray-key,' is a precise method for connecting Universal Energy - Chi or Ki -
with the body's innate powers of healing.  Rediscovered in Japan about 100 years ago, Reiki
combines the healing power of touch with life-force energy, made available to the student
through a series of initiations.

Once initiated, Reiki energy is consistently available.  You become a conduit for healing
energy to flow into your own body, and into those upon whom you place your Reiki charged
hands. It doesn't 'wear off' if you haven't (consciously) used it for awhile, it remains
available whenever you need it!
Reiki is not a spiritual belief system and honors each individual's
spiritual path. It is a simple
and gentle transfer of energy, which accelerates the body's ability to heal physical and
emotional disorders. Reiki invites a return to balance, & inner peace.

With chronic aches & problems, the result may not seem dramatic, as with an acute problem
or recent injury, but with time & repetition, stubborn problems gradually abate. Takata, who
brought Reiki to the West, went to Japan in 1935 with 'stomach pain' which included: a
uterine tumor, appendicitis & gall stones.
After receiving Reiki regularly for 6 months, these had  disappeared, as had the Asthma that
plagued her from childhood! Takata spent the next year in Japan, learning Reiki. She  
regained her vitality, & lived 45 more years, dying in Nov of 1980.

In the 30s, a British healer, Edward Bach, wished he could provide a simple tool usable by
anyone, a natural method of treatment that would 'raise our vibrations & open up our
channels for
the reception of the spiritual self; like beautiful music, to be gloriously uplifting'
- & went on to
develop Flower Essences! Bach also wished to embody hands-on healing;
which he did for
himself, but didn't teach others; ... Reiki & Flower essences are wonderfully
compatible vibrational
tools for raising the vibration!

My Reiki lineage: Mikeo Usui, Chijiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Florence
O'Neil, Jerry Farley, & Analyse Chamberlain.

Reiki I is the basic 'hand on' form. You will learn the history & principles of Reiki, treatment
yourself & others, & will be initiated or 'attuned' to the Reiki energy.  Including 10 - 20
minutes of
daily self-Reiki is a simple way to increase your vitality & enhance your health.
Reiki training re- awakens your innate healing ability. (8 CEU)

Some students prefer
to study individually, in series of four 90 minute sessions. Contact me
to set your first session.

Check my
Reiki Blog for more information on Reiki, & updates on classes.

Reiki II or "Oku Den" includes the words (Mantras) & symbols (Yantras) for sending Reiki
distance, for mental emotional balance, connecting with the Reiki guides, & blessing
your home, friends & food.
will learn ways to Integrate the symbols into treatments, the Mental/emotional form,
Funeral, sending over distance, starting your Reiki journal, & use in groups.  (8 CEU)

Musicians and artists enjoy an enhanced ability to transmit well being through the vehicle
of their
voice, art and instruments as they integrate Reiki II into their art or music.

* Two or three months of integration are usually suggested between first & Second Degree
classes. Often someone will practice Reiki for several years, then suddenly feel 'ready' for
Degree. Second Degree isn't 'better' than 1st Degree, it is simply a deepening of the

Reiki Mastery is a process which includes class time & private sessions for Level II
practitioners with a 'Burning Desire' for Mastery. It is an ongoing
Mentorship, which supports
the candidate's personal journey of self-discovery & deepening with the essence of Reiki.

Mastery is offered to practitioners who have been using Reiki for several years.  If you
studied with another Reiki teacher, I ask you to finish my completion requirements before
beginning your Mastery training, and commonly invite you to contact your 2nd Degree
teacher before proceeding.

This is flexible - please contact me if interested in studying with me! We will both 'sit with'
the decision to undertake this journey together.

As my friend & Reiki Mentor
Sheila King writes: "The light that Mastership brings with it
illuminates all the dark places within us, gives us the opportunity to gather all of ourselves unto
us with truly be ALL that we are. Choose a Master or Masters for your journey that
can support you, hold the energy for your coming into your power with great love."

Teaching Review is available for Masters preparing to teach. Mentoring of Reiki
at any level is also available.

Reiki Riot - A day that's  just for fun! Connect with other Reiki Practitioners (any level),
Reiki. (
4 CEUs)
* Ground & Balance
* Harp Journey
Chakra Chants, Star weaving, eating Stars
* Using Crystals with Reiki

* Collage or other art project
* Zen Funeral on the Reiki Principles
* Space & Land Clearing
* Blessing instruments, crystals, etc
* Reiki exchange & sending to people, areas, situations

Audits: Students who have already taken Reiki are welcome to audit or review that level.
Second Degree practioners: If you already know the symbols (but have forgotten how to
draw them) I'll have you draw & help fine tune what you remember.
$25 charge or donation to a local non-profit to audit level I or II)

Reiki is 'self-adjusting, & subsequent initiations open you to the next level of energy you're
ready  for.  Mastery students typically audit one or more class of each level as they prepare
to teach on their own, at no extra charge.

Reiki Form: These days there are endless 'options' in Reiki available, from Atlantean to Wei
Chi! You can get 'certified' on-line, or take Reiki Levels 1-3 in a weekend . . . .(I have friends
who've taken this 'quick form'
.... several times!)

I've studied several branches in addition to the Usui-Furomoto tradition in which I originally
trained.  During a class, I am open to the flow of energy, & to the experiences each student
brings, so no two Reiki trainings are the same.

That said, I try to present the basic, simple Reiki information, & encourage each student to
integrate these practices & principles first, then branch out if they feel drawn to other
Lightweaving is a perfect complement to Reiki, & I encourage you to experience the two!

Reiki Principles:
'Inviting blessings of the secret method
Many illnesses of the spiritual (heavenly) medicine

Today only
anger not
worry not
With appreciation Do work
To people be kind

In morning at night hands held in prayer
think in your mind chant with mouth

Mind body change it for better
Usui Reiki method

Usui Mikao

Blue Ray Teachings:
For centuries there has been an affinity between healing & the colour blue - Medicine
Buddha (Lapis blue) & Mother Mary (Sky blue) are two of the entities with this association.
Throughout my practice, I've integrated a number of Vibrational healing modalities, & have
grouped several into the 'Blue Ray' Teachings. These can be taken individually or as a series.

Teachings include: Basics of Grounding, Three Palm Rising Qigong, Etheric Healing, a Flower
Essence Bouquet, Diaphramatic Healing, Chakra Balance, Land Cleansing.  

If you are interested in learning Reiki or in the Blue Ray series, please contact me for further
information. I enjoy working with family members or groups of friends, & am happy to tailor
a class to your specific needs.    

 Nadya King 503-474-2988  or e-mail

                          To book sessions, call 503-434-5124
       (both Jackie Housman & I offer Reiki sessions in addition to Massage)

The gift of
Healing Touch
September 2014