Nadya's Millennium Quest
Bring a touch of Magic
to your event!   

Nadya King

 Nadya King, Millennium Harper to the
    Young Elders of Western Oregon

In January of 2007, I received a new harp, Rowan Luchair, from Rick Kemper of Maryland, &
joined Yahoo's Harplist.  While looking for information on another member's harp, I found a
link to the Harping for Harmony site, & decided to declare a Millennium quest, hoping to
complete 25 events within the next 13 moons.

I posted my quest on the
Harping for Harmony website, as follows:

"January 1, 2007
I , Nadya King, hereby declare my intention to claim the title of Millennium Harper to the
Young Elders in Western Oregon. I will play my harp & encourage kids to 'Have a go' on it at
schools, pre-schools, church, dance classes, & other gatherings of our young elders. Within
the next few months I hope to have a small 'children's harp' to take along to these events.
I'll also visit assisted living facilities, nursing homes,  & those recovering at home from
surgery, illness, etc.

I commit to at least one event per lunar cycle (13 per year) completing my quest on or
before Dec 2008.

To document my claim I will obtain drawings & signatures from participants at each event, &
compose a Millennium Harper scrapbook.
Nadya King"

Soon I received 25 handcrafted ceramic harp pins to distribute when my harp & I were 'out
& about.'  The quest had begun!

By the end of the year I had fulfilled my quest, having performed on 33 occasions in 2007,
at a wide variety of solemn and joyful events.  They include: a child's birthday tea, 6 events
at two retirement homes (Hillside & Altera), 5 church services,our local Farmer's Market, 3
holiday bazaars, Valentine's & St Pat's dinners at 2 bistros, 3  Christmas parties, two open
house events, and a memorial service.

In the spring, my friend & former harp student Dennis Harris & I attended the Corvallis harp
circle facilitated by Sharon Thormahlen several times. The summer was busy with a church
wedding, & 3 in lovely outdoors settings; at a winery, on a river bank & in a grove of trees.
In September, I was present with my smaller harp, Tuille, on the transition day of my friend
Molly's mother.

In October, Linda Weigan interviewed me for her 'Arts Alive' show on our local TV network,
& was the recipient of one of my harp quest ceramic pins.

In late October, my 7-year-old grand-daughter Alyssa began formal harp study (she's
played occasionally all her life :)  I had visited Alyssa's 1st grade class at Columbus El. The
year before, & in Dec of  '07 she not only introduced me, she also played a bit for both her
2nd grade class, & for a 3rd grade class! I had done a coloring sheet for a Christmas
bazaar and had copies made for the kids. Many of the children said they had seen harps, &
in the 3rd grade class, about 3/4 said they play some instrument! Her little sister & cousins
also enjoy playing grammie's harps!

My two rules for playing my harp are: Ask permission, & please have clean hands! It is
always interesting to see which children are fascinated by the harp, & which ones hardly
notice it! Adults, too.

After finishing the quest, I received small harp from Harping for Harmony & John Lozier!  
Delivery was on Wed, Feb 20, 2008, the day of the eclipse, this wonderful addition to my
'harmony of harps' is
Bella Luna!  Still to come is a personalized ceramic medallion! Our first
'outing' was  to the nearby birthing center, where I played a bit before giving the new mom
in residence a massage.  That summer she joined me at
Wayward Winds Lavender farm,
where a young visitor enjoyed his first opportunity to see - & play - a harp.

I hope to continue the 'quest' all harpers have - to spread Peace through harp music!  

* If you've 'always wanted to play the harp,' I invite you to make 2009 the year
you begin!  You'll never regret it!
Updated - 8/24/2009
* Ladyharp *  
Birthday Tea - guests enjoy a turn on Rowan
Wedding Harp in a grove
planted by the Groom
anyone for some Jazz harp?
(Kayleen with Rowan)
Santa came to pass out candy canes &
hear the harp at Hillside's memory
Christmas party
Nadya with 'Tuille' at a Care Center
Easter Brunch at Altera -
kids  'have a go'
Holiday Open House
The Celtic harp reaches
through the mists of
time & space, breaching
the 'thin places' to
touch holy spirit & bring
us closer to the creator
of the Universe, all that
is & shall be.
Alyssa & 'Bella Luna' therapy harp!