When I began my Massage training in 1983, my mentor Jeanne Christensen
recommended I take Tai Chi & Qigong, both for good body mechanics, & because she
was interested in their potential for long term health.

That fall, I took Yang Long Form Tai Chi with Maria Wen Yen Lu, & later continued
studying with one of Maria's senior students, Nancy Arner Hewlett. When I moved to
Breitenbush Hot Springs in 1992, I missed my Tai Chi (& Ballet!) classes, so began
teaching a 'drop in' class, based on Tai Chi, Qigong 'warm up exercises,' & a short
form that I developed at Breitenbush. I was blessed to study occasionally with visiting
Tai Chi or Qigong Masters, & integrated teachings from several forms.

After returning to the Valley, I began studying with Jo Ann Albrecht, and in April of
2013, completed certification in Tibetan Five Element Standing Stake Qigong.  Jo Ann
learned the form from Master Wang Zi Sheng Rinpoche, who brought it to the USA. Jo
Ann was accepted as one of Master Wang's healing apprentices in 1996, & later
traveled to China & Tibet to further her studies of Qigong & Traditional Chinese

Chinese by birth, Master Wang traveled to Tibet, & was the first non-Tibetan disciple
of Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche, one of the great Dzogchen masters of the twentieth
century and the 11th lineage holder descended from Padmasambhava, founder of
Tibetan Buddhism. For almost 40 years Master Wang travelled annually to Tibet to
study with his beloved teacher. Now in his 80s, Master Wang has returned to Tibet,
to continue passing on these teachings to younger Tibetan students.

Qigong is a set of visualizations accompanied by gentle physical movements. "Qi" is
the Chinese word for the vital life force, or energy in our bodies. "Gong" is the
ability, developed with practice, to move that vital force within our body. Qigong is
one of the major healing modalities in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

When one is healthy, Qi flows along the meridians or channels in our body; illness
occurs when blockages build up. Clearing the meridians allows qi to flow freely again.
Qigong, like acupuncture & Reiki, helps clear the channels, restoring & balancing
health. By clearing blockages, rather than simply treating symptoms we are able to
bring about lasting, positive change.

Tibetan Five Element Standing Stake is a powerful Qigong form which uses gentle
movements to balance the five elements within the organ systems by integrating
visualization and movement. These postures & movements accumulate fresh
elemental energies from nature & the universe to replace unhealthy qi in the body’s
related organ systems. In addition to enabling one to accumulate fresh qi, qigong
balances & strengthens the body down to the cellular level so that self-healing can
take place.

This form is the perfect complement to your Reiki Practice. It is also a good choice
for someone who is chronically ill or who has mobility problems, as it is simple to
learn and suitable for those who use a wheelchair.

              Individual training & group classes are available.
Nadya King

Tibetan Qigong Classes

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April 2014
"Qi" vital force

"Gong" ablilty
through practice