Mentoring Within the Spiral assists you in integrating your current practices &
teachings, opens you to new possibilities, and offers guidance to meet your life

Do you feel you fall short of your potential, or wonder if there is 'more to life' than you're
currently experiencing?

Do you struggle finding (& maintaining!) the balance between obligations, work, home,
family, & time for yourself?

Do you find yourself running out of steam before you run out of day?

Does manifesting your dreams seem
just beyond your reach?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, a series of Mentoring sessions
may be the ticket to shifting gears, & moving forward with more grace & ease! You will
be asked what you wish to focus on, & we will explore your desired outcome for each
session. Mentoring is a co-creative process.

Possible Topics

  • Enough Already! Balancing body, mind & spirit
  • Next Steps? Clarifying and charting a new path
  • Reach for the stars - moving beyond your limitations
  • Self Nurture: Caring for Yourself as You Care for Others
  • Reiki I or II initiation
  • Embracing health - integrating nutrition, breath & movement
  • Vision boards & Cards - collage with a purpose!
  • Transformation Game - playing for self-discovery

As the client, you:

  •   Share your dreams & visions of the life you want to create.
  •   Describe your experiences and accomplishments, the highs & lows, the
    successes, and frustrations.
  •   Focus on your priorities & set goals.
  •   Clarify and make decisions based on your needs, values, and aspirations.
  •   Discover new facets of yourself, your life, & the ways you interact with the
    people and the world around you.
  •   Commit to actions that will move you closer to your goals & catalyze change.
  •   Reinvent yourself, creating change from the inside out.

As Mentor, Nadya:

  •  Listens with compassion. She's a sounding board, a mirror, an empathic ear.
  •  Asks questions designed help you discover the answers that lie within.
  •  Sparks change by inviting you to go beyond your comfort zone  {taking action  is
    always your choice!}
  •  Shares strategies and insights from her own life and experiences with others
    (within bounds of confidentiality.)
  •  Encourages you to do your best, stretching to your full potential.
  •  Energizes your process with Quantum Spiral Healing & Flower Essences.

Sessions include time to talk, creative processes, visualization, & Quantum Spiral Healing
(Reiki layered with
Lightweaving). A Flower Essence bouquet to assist your process is
included in the second session of each series. Additional bouquets may be formulated
upon request.
Biofield Tuning may also be included.
Reiki initiation complements Mentoring Within the Spiral beautifully, & can be integrated
into a series of four 90 minute sessions.

Clients are eager to experience the combined power of Mentoring within the Spiral, and
have been delighted with the results. Awakening the healing powers of others through
passing Reiki attunements and teaching Reiki is a joy & a blessing.  

In Mentoring and initiations, Nadya focuses on assisting people to create personal
success while enjoying more balanced lives.  Series of three or four 90 minute sessions
are suggested for those wishing to experience Mentoring Within the Spiral.

introductory session exploring Mentoring Within the Spiral may be booked at the 90
minute rate - simply inform the receptionist you wish mentoring included in your 90
minute Reiki session when scheduling.

                                Nadya King 503-474-2988  or e-mail                                    To
book sessions, call
503-434-5124 (Key to Health Massage)
Mentoring Within the Spiral
Awaken to your
Essential Self
September 2014