Nadya King, LMT, RM

Nadya King   
LMT (#1671), Reiki Master, Ashiatsu Practitioner

@ Key to Health Clinic
119 NE Third St, McMinnville, OR

Questions? 503-474-2988 - cell
Massage is a wonderful way to maintain health & control stress. An age old modality, it is at the
forefront of the current interest in preventative medicine & natural health care. Massage
stimulates the immune system, enhances flow of blood & lymph, & provides natural pain relief by
triggering the body to recalibrate itself & release toxins. Massage is also a lovely way to combat
daily stress & mental fatigue. It's one of the best 'health insurance' plans available.

Bodywork is great for people of all ages. My clients range from children to elders who wish to
receive high quality, effective work. I love introducing people to the gift of healing touch, with
the goal of making it a comfortable, nurturing experience. One 90 year young client has received
regular massage since her early 40s! Several years ago, a 5th grader won a massage Gift Certificate
at her school carnival, & shared her session with her two sisters (each received a 20 minute

Your feedback is important! It's your massage - please let me (or any therapist) know if you're
getting too cool, if I'm applying too much (or too little) pressure, etc.

30 minute sessions focus on specific areas, & are helpful for relief of chronic pain, headaches, or
tired feet.  These 1/2 hour sessions are great for someone new to massage, anyone wishing a
focused treatment; or when you need weekly massage to address an acute issue.

45 minute sessions are great for lunch breaks!

60 minute sessions provide head to toe relaxation, & allow time to focus on problem areas. This
is our most popular session length.

90 minute sessions are optimal for clients needing deep work on specific issues, & those desiring
deep relaxation.   Massage veterans often prefer these longer sessions.

120 minute sessions are a wonderful way to integrate several modalities, massage, a 'Tune-Up,'
Reiki &
Lightweaving (Quantum Spiral Healing), a flower essence consultation, or in depth
Mentoring. A series of 90 or 120 minute sessions are perfect for individual Reiki Initiations.

Gift certificates are available for sessions of any length, information & current prices are on-line
at Key to Health Massage. Certificates are non-refundable, but fully transferable. Do you have an
old certificate tucked away? Time to pull it out, we'll still honor it!

Series: IWe offer discounts for prepaid 'series' of 3 or more sessions. You may use the sessions
yourself, or transfer sessions to others.

Schedule your session by calling the appointment desk at
Key to Health Clinic, at 119 NE Third St,
between Adams & Baker in downtown McMinnville, Oregon.  
Remember to request that your
session be booked with
Nadya, or call my cell: 503-474-2988 to book directly.

I also work periodically at
Breitenbush Hot Springs (Detroit, Oregon), & other locations.     

Some specialties:
Since becoming a massage therapist 30 years ago, I have enjoyed adding modalities to my massage
'tool kit' - especially those which go beyond 'pain relief' to balance body, mind, spirit & emotions.
Here's a sampling of what I offer - please ask for more info on any that sound intriguing!

Therapeutic & relaxing massage: the gold standard of bodywork! My mentor emphasised working
within a client's comfort zone - ranging from 'feels great' to 'hurts good.'  For Three Decades, this
has been the touchstone of my practice.  I'm often asked how I 'know' exactly where the tension
is, & tease that my fingers have magnets.
My favorite compliment came from a reporter from the San Francisco Bay Times in the mid 90s,
who did a feature on Breitenbush Hot Springs & wrote
"the highlight of my trip was my massage
with Nadya!"

Ashiatsu 'barefoot' massage: billed as 'the Deepest, most Relaxing Massage on the Planet,' Ashi is
a Western adaptation of traditional
Barefoot Massage.  Soft, clean feet are used to give a deep &
luxurious massage. 'Ashi' is
ideal for those who desire a deeper work. Bars mounted on the ceiling
offer me support & balance, one foot is on the table & the other 'working.' (
No, I won't be
'walking' on you!
*  'Ashi' means foot, 'atsu,' pressure. Founder Ruthie Hardie's
website provides extensive info on
this fascinating modality.  

Reiki flows to areas needing energy, like jumper cables bringing a 'charge' to a battery that's low.  
You may request a Reiki session, which is wonderful for those recovering from surgery or dealing
with chronic issues.  
Reiki ('ray' = Universal  'Ki' = life energy) was brought to the West from Japan in the 30s, by a
teacher who had tumors, gallstones, appendicitis & Asthma before receiving a series of Reiki
treatments. After her own recovery, she was determined to share this healing blessing with
others. Over my decades of practice, I have found Reiki a wonderful complement to Massage, & a
blessing to me as a Therapist, helping me avoid injury & 'burn out!'

** If a loved one suffers from Cancer or other chronic health conditions, you may wish to be
initiated in Reiki, to provide healing touch on a consistent basis. My next Reiki I class is
scheduled Jan 5 & 19, from 1-5 each afternoon. The class link & my
blog offer class details.

I offer
Reiki level I, II & III (Master/teacher) classes. Teachings can be taken with others, or  
integrated into a series of four sessions. Please call or
e-mail me if you are interested in this
simple way to access healing for yourself & those you love.

Hot Stones are a wonderful addition to any massage & provide welcome warmth which enhances
relaxation.  The stones I use come from the Pacific Coast & Cascade Mountains, & add a delicious
depth to each session.   

Tune-Up  Tuning forks facilitate a return to harmony, like recalibrating a precision instrument.
Different frequencies are used to relax tight muscles, on acupuncture points & meridians, and
over the body to balance the energy field. Clients often notice that positive effects last longer
after sessions incorporating a few minutes balancing with the forks. A tune-up can assist in
releasing grief, sorrow, and other emotions that have been held in the energy field.  

Tune-ups are
perfect if you're integrating emotional or personal growth done on your own or with
a counselor or
Mentor. Each session is personally tailored to harmonize mind, emotions, body &
spirit, & bring integration.  A 'tune-Up' may include massage & Reiki,
Lightweaving & other energy

Flower Essences "most of us don't live down the block from an ascended master, but we're all
surrounded by flowers, who've never forgotten their perfection!"   Essences accent one's positive
qualities, & assist in releasing behaviors that no longer serve your highest good.  
Unlike essential oils, Flower essences have
no scent, & are not medications for physical ailments,
though they
can support physical healing. They are compatible with traditional & conventional
medical treatments  Self-adjusting, if one is 'incorrect,' it simply has no effect. You'll receive an
Essence 'bouquet' when you study Reiki or Blue Ray Healing with me.
You can requests an essence 'bouquet,' & I'll formulate it especially for your needs at this time.

Contact: 503-434-5124 (Key to Health Massage) *  503-474-2988 (c) e-mail
  •  Therapeutic Massage - 30 years
  •  Teaching Reiki - 22 years
  •  Ashiatsu 'barefoot' massage practitioner
  •  'Tune Ups' (tuning forks)
  •   Hot Stone treatments
Co-founder of Key to Health Clinic in 1983, healing is my passion!  
May my  work be of service to you on your healing journey!
- Many Blessings -    
December 2013

Chair Massage, Relay for Life, McMinnville Fair Grounds; 6/23/07