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Lightweaving & Quantum Spiral
Sacred traditions from many cultures remind us that we carry Divinity within our very being.
From ancient times, seekers have gone
on vision quests or visited temples, receiving
guidance from Shamanic healers and teachers to activate their own special talents & gifts.
With such guidance, each of us is assisted in fine tuning these Spiritual gifts, and shining like
the stars.

Since my childhood, when M
ama and I exchanged back & foot rubs, & she introduced me to
constellations, including her favorites, Cassiopia, Orion, the Pleiades, I have been fascinated
with healing touch, & with the light and patterns of the stars. We often camped on a
riverbank or beside a high mountain lake, & the stars infused my dreams.
My Dad sang to us,
& brought music to life. The stories & music wove into my very being.

is foundation led me to study dance, Astrology, Bodywork, Qigong, drumming, healing
nutrition, Reiki and other modalities with Shamanic & intuitive teachers from many
cultures & paths. I became a Reiki Master in 1991, & began initiating friends & co-workers at
Breitenbush Hot Springs. Reiki continues to be the foundation for my other healing work.

During my tenure at Breitenbush, I was blessed to study with many gifted & world renouned
healers including Qigong teachers, Etheric Energy Master  
Eric Vormanns, from Ghana,
Wheels of Light author
Rosalyn Bruyere, and to participate in Amorah Quan Yin's month long
Pleiadian Lightwork Intensive. I often helped set the tone of the workshop by playing my
Reiki infused harp at the beginning class and during sessions.  

Several years ago, I integrated
tuning forks into my practice, which also affect both the
physical & energetic bodies. I have a lovely collection of these sweet tools, which can be
used above or gently touching the body.

In 2013, fellow Reiki Master & friend
Sheila King offered a workshop in Lightweaving for Reiki
Practitioners. In her letter announcing the class, Sheila wrote:
"I've done this work on clients
for 4 years now, and seen the incredible power it has to bring about healing and lessening of pain.
The past 4 months I've had an opportunity to receive it myself from a loving friend.  It is the only
thing other than narcotics that brought relief from the pain of a Lupus flare


When we are born, in most cases our matrices & energy systems work perfectly. Over time,
shocks & traumas take a toll on this innate perfection, & we may forget our Divine alignment.

"Our energetic bodies contain everything we ever felt, thought and did ... and more than that.
physical body is the expression of the energetic body in this three-dimensional realm in which
we reside. In most people, the physical body expresses a
tiny little bit of the vastness of the
energetic body. The energetic body is closer to our true being than the physical body.

"As missing connections in the energetic body are restored, the related dysfunctional area in
the physical body receives more complete information and energy and so can restructure
itself properly. This restructuring not only happens in the physical body, the related emotional
and mental structures are also realigned. With this restoration, every pattern related to the
dysfunction can heal." (Sheila King)
 Flower Essences help seat this restructuring.

Layered with Reiki, Lightweaving takes this healing to a new level, enhancing the effects of
both modalities. Sheila calls this combination 'Quantum Spiral Healing.' I utilize Tuning forks,
Lightwork teachings, and flower essences to assist in 'reminding' us of our true vibration.

Lightweaving & Quantum Spiral healing are most effective when booked in Series of Three or
four 60 or 90 minute sessions (check
Key to Health's current fee schedule)

Flower Essence bouquet to assist the process is included in the second session of each
Lightweaving or
Mentoring series. I find Reiki initiation a beautiful complement  to
Lightweaving & Spiral Healing, Reiki teachings & initiation can be integrated into your series
of 90 minute sessions.

 Welcome to the Journey!
September - 2014
The guides and
Masters joyfully
support you
on your Journey