Dancing with the flowers

"Not all of us have an Ascended Master living in
our neighborhood, but we all have access to
flowers. The flowers have never forgotten they
are One with the Creator!"
Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Farm Essences
So the Flowers have called you, & invite you to make
an Essence - what now?

Perhaps you're drawn to a flower that's always been a favorite:
"My eyes went right to the bottle of Lilac amidst the cornucopia
(of essences). I got out a beautiful wine glass, filled it with pure
water, added a drop. It feels like being reunited with a long lost
childhood friend/soulmate. I grew up surrounded by lilac ..."
from Ridgefield CT, p 170 GHF Guide.
Perhaps its a flower new to your home or garden, say you just got a Meyer Lemon -  "Lemon is associated with clean
lines & order, the Mrs Clean of the plant world. This is a wonderful essence if you want to deep clean your vibratory
Or you've read a description in a book or on-line, & that flower's blooming close to you.
Flower essences are generally made by floating your chosen flowers on spring water in a clear glass bowl, in the
sunlight for about 4 hours on a clear day.
The 'essences' captures the electromagnetic 'pattern' of the flower, but
don't have the fragrance.

    Assemble your tools that are 'designated' for flower essence use:
  • spring water, stored in a large glass jar;
  • glass bowls in several sizes;
  • small scissors or knife; an essence spoon (mine's silver with an amethyst ball on the handle)
  • small stainless steel funnel (or plastic)
  • Glass dropper bottles (1/2 - 2 oz sizes). These can be new or essence & tincture carefully cleaned; a
    pipe cleaner works well to clean the dropper, and a lavender stem is great for the tip. After washing,
    bring water to a boil & submerge the bottles & droppers (you may wish to just wash the rubber
    tops, & not boil them. They tend to break down over the years)
  • Brandy or other spirits.
  • Pendulum or muscle testing.
  • Journal for recording information on essences made, definitions, information 'received,' etc.

    Making a MOTHER Essence
  • Chose your flower & ask (muscle test, pendulum, 'listen') how many to use. Often the flower will
    'choose YOU' - I've had flowers practically jump up & down, inviting me to make an essence.
  • Invite the 'overlighting Devas' of the flower & the area to assist the process
  • Pick the flowers by carefully snipping or use a leaf from the same plant, avoid touching the flower
    with your fingers, so the energy is 'pure flower.'
  • Cover the surface of the water with the flowers - use an appropriate size bowl
  • Set the bowl close to the 'mother' plant, & leave it for 4 hours. This is a good time to journal about
    the essence, initiate a dialog with the Deva, meditate on the qualities & your associations with the
    flower/plant, etc.

Molly tells of going to the Cliffs of Moher (Ireland) to make Pink Yarrow essence, only to find chaos,
bulldozers & distressed elementals! "As I turned to leave the area of blasting & destruction, the flowers
called out
'wait! We still want you to make Pink Yarrow (essence)! This time we bring an even deeper
strength to hold one's own inviolate in spite of destructive events.'
  "I AM joyful self expression
wherever I AM, for I AM always safe in God's Arms! "

  • After several hours, skim the flowers using a spoon, & return them to the earth close to the plant.
  • Make a "Mother" bottle by filling a 1 or 2 oz tincture bottle 1/3 - 1/2 full of brandy, then fill with the
    essence you've just made.  Cap (can use a dropper or plain cap) & gently shake the bottle to 'wake
    up' your essence.
  • Label with Essence name, date, your initials & M (Mother), & if appropriate, an 'I AM' definition. You
    can look up descriptions for essences on-line & in books.
  • I might drink a bit of the remaining 'mother' water, & pour the rest on another plant.
  • I store my "MOTHER" bottles separate from my Stock bottles.

If it's a nice day & your garden is in full bloom, you may choose to make several essences at the same
time. Just remember which is which while your bottling!

You might also choose to make Mother bottle from a particular garden or section of your garden. Molly
writes "The Arbor Garden is a place of deep serenity at Green Hope Farm. The garden is composed of
terraced beds, a sheltering grape arbor, a small pond & a multitude of blossoms ... As with many gardens
here, the Angels & Elementals fill the beds with flowers that arrive of their own accord, vibrational
volunteers, so to speak... This combo Essence holds the vibration of both the multitude of flowers & of
the place itself."
I have a garden combo from a friend that was made the day before my dad's death, & my name for it is
"A B's Garden." An essence from a flowerbed I started several years ago is my 'Gateway Garden.'

After you've got a Mother bottle or two, you are set to make stock bottles. I store my 'stock bottle mix'
of 1/3 brandy,' 2/3 spring water in an empty brandy bottle, which I've marked in 3rds with a sharpie (use
a measuring cup to determine levels :) I add a vanilla bean to this 'stock' mix.

    Making a Stock Bottle
  • Fill several 1 oz bottles up to the shoulder with the stock bottle mix (1/3 brandy, 2/3 spring water)
  • add a dropper or two from the Mother bottle
  • Copy the Mother label for this bottle, labeling it S for stock, or simply store these in their own area

Molly tells of their journey from using Brandy as the stabilizer to utilizing the higher vibration of Red
Shiso, Perilla, after a raid from the New Hampshire Liqour Control in 1994, who deemed they were in
violation of the state's monopoly on the sale of alcohol!!  
Red shiso, a member of the mint family which is used extensively in macrobiotic food preparation, esp
with Umeboshi plum & ginger; contains perilla aldehyde, a preservative documented to be stronger than
synthetic preservatives! From dried shiso, they make a decoction with artesian well water, & a small
percent white vinegar. "Every day I'm amazed at the difference in the flowers from brandy to Red Shiso.
It feels like taking pure light." AD, Arizona (GHF Guide)

Red shiso is simple to grow if you have a home garden, or you can order prepared shiso from Green Hope

    Making Essence Bouquets
Ah, the fun part!!
My 8 year old granddaughter KK LOVES choosing flowers for her own blends, or just taking a few drops
during a visit. For children, you may use shiso, glycerin in water (same 1/3 glycerin to 2/3 water ratio) or
just plain water as your base - store these in the fridge.

There are several ways to choose essences for a blend.
  • Think of the issue you're working on (or just choose bottles - that's KK's favorite method!)
  • We like to choose an odd number of essences, 3 or more, for our 'bouquet'
  • Arrange around the empty 'bouquet' bottle
  • Use pendulum, muscle testing, or simply 'ask' if this is the right combination. You may need to
    switch one or two for different essences
  • 'Wake up' each essence by gently shaking it
  • Open the bottles individually, & place a few drops (a favorite number - 3, 5 ...) in the bouquet bottle.
  • Bless with Reiki, a pendulum, or simply inviting the essence to serve your needs.

    Naming the 'bouquet'
The name may come simply, or require a bit of thought. You can journal on this, ask the person the
essence is for, etc. Some will be poetic "Balance of the Bridge," Walk Your Talk, etc.
Write a few affirmations or "I AM statements, & choose one that fits. Place the bouquet someplace you'll
remember to take it! Write about it in your journal, perhaps just a few words a day, to track your
progress as you integrate the qualities of the essence.

    Ways to use your essence
  • A simple way is to put a few drops (again, your 'magic' number) in a glass of water in the morning
    to sip throughout the day. Pour in a bit more water just before it's empty to 'recharge it. African
    healer Eric Vormanns suggests putting your hands above your glass & beaming 'rainbows' into the
    water before drinking, imagine that as you 'charge' your flower infused water!
  • Mists - add a bouquet or several favorite essences to a misting bottle (with a few drops of lemon or
    Lavender essential oil, if you'd like) & mist your room, your car, yourself & your environment.
  • Using an essence Mist is a great way to 'clear' motel rooms or other shared spaces; & will help 'shift
    the mood' before meetings, etc. Think of mists when you share a home with kids or teens going
    through a rough time.
  • Baths & foot baths - music, candlelight, soft music, Epsom salts - what a wonderful way to use
    the essences! Again, you can use a single essence or bouquets.
  • Animals - in their water or in a mist; essences can help integrate new animals into your 'family.'

   How many essences are too many?
We are surrounded by energy all day - TVs, computers, people, human interactions & intense situations
... that's
MUCH more stressful on our systems than these energetic tools that assist in raising our
I have been drawn to using essences in groups or 'bouquets' since I began making them, & though
occasionally use them individually, I more frequently use blends. I have combined crystals with flowers in
some essence 'mothers,' Amethyst with pansy, for example. There are so many ways to use them allow
yourself to find what YOU enjoy most! I commonly have a bouquet on the shelf at work, & some in a
spritz bottle.

This spring, KK & her big sister were busy making essence 'bouquets,' & I invited their 2 year old brother
to 'choose 4 or 5 bottles' from the ones they had out. When I looked up the definitions for the flowers he
choose, they were PERFECT to support sharing, cooporation, and calm! We called his 'Thomas,' after his
(at the time) favorite show ... later this the summer, another 2 year old joined the family constellation, &
we pull out the 'Thomas' bottle for both of them! (for the littles, we simply store the kids' bouquets
without alcohol in the fridge). We've also spritzed Rescue Remedy when things get chaotic!

As you 'dance with the flowers, you'll find ways to best tap the power of essences to clear your own pain
body, & move into higher vibrational states.
Lightweaving is lovely in combination with flower helpers!

                                             Enjoy your 'Dance with the Flowers!'
September 2013
* Flowers *
* Water *
* Sunlight *
* Fresh Air *