Nadya King: harpist

I grew up with music - an early memory is singing with my dad
while vacuuming! I was blessed to study piano with Marion Coe in
Redmond, Oregon, & later Music (Minor, with an Education Major)
at Western Oregon University.  

My father, A. Byrle King (1909-1992), brought joy to friends & the
community with his sweet Tenor voice.  We often sang duets for
Church or Grange, & I was the Grange pianist my last two years of
Many evenings were spent singing & taking turns at the
piano. My mom was the story teller, & while 'not musical,'
encouraged me to practice!
My musical journey eventually led to the harp, where I discovered
the sounds I longed for; sustained notes & lovely runs! I have a
collection of hand drums, rattles, tuning forks, & a Native American
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Nadya King

A massage Therapist since 1983, I often use CDs with harp music as a background for
sessions.  After meeting several harpists, I realized a childhood dream, & ordered 27
Tuilleadh from Corvallis Oregon Luthier Dave Thormahlen, New Years day, 1993.  
Tuille arrived on March 16, & was quickly popular with friends & at events.  Her name is
from the Gaelic: "to give abundantly, in full measure." Her woods are Big leaf Maple, Black
Walnut trim with a Sitka Spruce soundboard. Dave's wife Sharon composes lovely harp
tunes, perfect for harpists at any level of proficiency, & co-facilitates a monthly harp circle in
Corvallis, Or.

In January 2007, I wanted 'more bass notes,' & added a 34 string Sligo harp,
, crafted by Rick Kemper in Maryland to my 'harmony of harps.'  Rowan is a round
backed, Irish inspired harp made of Koa; the soundboard is spruce & cedar, faced with
cherry veneer, & the strings fluorocarbon. Rick's name for this harp, 'Luchair,' is Gaelic for
Koa, more familiar in ukuleles, is being praised by luthiers around the country as excellent
for harp construction.  Everyone loves Rowan's rich bass; the lowhead style & modest
weight (17#) makes her very portable!
While my 3rd harp,
Luna, has a range similar to Tuille's, she's smaller & more suited to
therapy sessions in the hospital, care center or home.  

My harps are
'folk' harps, modeled on traditional instruments; not the larger 'concert' or
'Orchestral' harp. Tuille & Rowan are both fitted with levers, which allow me to change keys
or put in an occasional 'accidental,' Luna has no levers, so I need to re-tune for a different
key. So though I'm classically trained, & can read & write music, my harps aren't suited to
playing orchestral pieces.

I integrate Reiki's healing energy with my harp music. I have deepened in "Song Medicine"
with African healerEric Vormans, & musicians Laurie Riley, Ani Williams, & Tina Tourin.  With
my background in music, I also compose & write my own harp arrangements.


I delight in making learning fun. If you've 'always wanted to play the harp,' now is the time
to pursue that dream! I work with both beginning & intermediate folk harp students. If you
have a harp & need a 'jump start' to begin playing again, call me for a consultation or 45
minute 'tune-up.' If there's sufficient interest, I'll offer a harp class for new harpers.

I focus on meeting your learning style & needs, & offer a complimentary 30 minute intro
lesson. Lessons are booked in series of 5, & may include harp rental.  Sight reading,
improvisation & ear training are included in instruction.

I also teach classes in
Reiki & Song Medicine, & encourage you to consider consciously
adding these powerful healing tools for yourself & your family. If you're interested in
getting Tuning forks for personal use, I'm happy to offer a brief training in their use.

Children & elders
love the harp - this year my focus is on continuing to bring the joy of
music to many, going into schools & care facilities.  I declared a Millennium Harper quest at
the beginning of 2007, which was complete by the end of the year! Details are on the
Millennium Quest page.
Check my
blog for updates on upcoming harp events & new photos.

             It is our joy to add a touch of magic to your celebration!

Updated 04/20/2014
Rowan Luchair, built by Rick Kemper, 9-06